Happy Easter!

April 14, 2009 at 7:15 pm Leave a comment

Emma thinks that Easter is a great idea. Every morning should start with a hunt for chocolate eggs! Unfortuntely the weather was too bad to do it outside, but the living room was just as good.

Check out how shiny my hair is!! That is what happens when I actually have time to blow dry my hair! 🙂

We went to my mum’s for a lovely lunch. Sam and Anna were there too which was lovely. Emma was in a bad mood though which was a shame. She was disappointed because (very wisely) the cat had done a runner. She normally chases the poor thing around like a toddler posessed, and thinks it is just the most fun game in the world. I feel sorry for the cat and think he had the better idea this time around. But it made her a bit grouchy, and by the time we left she was in a stinker of a mood. I guess it is all just part of being 2. Next day she was sweetness and light again at least.


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