It has been over a year…

… and my goodness it has been a busy one!!

New baby!

Lucy arrived on 19th April 2010. What can I say – she is a wonderful little thing!

New ways to waste what little spare time I have!

And a new business!

I might not post much anymore, but I have kind of been busy!


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A very fishy afternoon

Ahhh it has been too long – sorry about that. So what have we been up to? Well, Brett has been away a lot over the last couple of months so we have had a lot of “me and Emma” time. I’ve been very busy with work, and also doing a lot of the usual dyeing, knitting and sewing.

Emma is as usual a little ray of light at the moment. She is growing so fast now, and her talking is so much fun. She tries to copy just about everything I say now, so I have to be very careful! 🙂

We’ve had a crafty afternoon today. Em really likes fish, and we often take her to the garden centre for a look. So today, we made our own fish tank, complete with glittery fish. It was lots of fun, and *only* one leg got covered in red glitter glue! 😀

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Happy Easter!

Emma thinks that Easter is a great idea. Every morning should start with a hunt for chocolate eggs! Unfortuntely the weather was too bad to do it outside, but the living room was just as good.

Check out how shiny my hair is!! That is what happens when I actually have time to blow dry my hair! 🙂

We went to my mum’s for a lovely lunch. Sam and Anna were there too which was lovely. Emma was in a bad mood though which was a shame. She was disappointed because (very wisely) the cat had done a runner. She normally chases the poor thing around like a toddler posessed, and thinks it is just the most fun game in the world. I feel sorry for the cat and think he had the better idea this time around. But it made her a bit grouchy, and by the time we left she was in a stinker of a mood. I guess it is all just part of being 2. Next day she was sweetness and light again at least.

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Beautiful Rosewood

Anyone who knows me in “babywearing” world knows that I have been searching for a very old and rare Didymos Rosenholtz Indio for some time now. You can see some lovely pictures of it here on the Birdies Room website.

Well… a friend sent me a Didymos Zinnober Indio (wool blend) to dye. I wish I had taken a “before” photo, but it is white with sort of coral coloured cross threads. I dyed it with Brazilwood, and loe and behold… I seem to have accidentally made my own Rosewood indio! I wish it was mine to keep now! 🙂 I think this is by far the prettiest thing I’ve dyed.

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A splashy day in the garden

A completely bunged up toddler probably needs some translation…

The ball… the bath… yaaaay… all done!
A drink… ready, steady, weee, all done!
Bye bye bath.

Her trousers look like they are half way down to her ankles, because she is soaking wet. Oh well – fun was had!

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Cute top action photos

You remember this cute little top that I made for Emma earlier in the week?

Well I finally got some action photos! 🙂

hmmm... what's this?

hmmm... what's this?

I'd prefer it if I could see my tummy

I'd prefer it if I could see my tummy

That's enough photos now... I really want the tv on!!

That's enough photos now... I really want the tv on!!

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Lovely time of year

The magnolia tree in our front garden is just starting to come out. It is a really dark pink one – much darker than the others on our street, and later flowering. This really is my favourite time of year! 🙂



I’ve been playing with natural dyes again recently. This time I did a gradation from light to dark purple, using logwood, brazilwood and a touch of cochineal. It took a very long time to do, so I don’t think I will be doing this again for a while! I’m fairly pleased with the result – it is a kind of dusky lavendar shade. But it could do with a little more depth so one day when I have more time I’ll dip it in the vat again.


ETA – some action photos!

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